What would you do if I handed your daycare a monetary gift of $100,000?


Over the past 8 years I have worked with more than 300 SMBs.  In each case, there were at least three underutilized resources that we were able to repurpose to increase the company’s revenue by 40%-4200% in less than a year.


Your new motto: “Come as you are and we’ll supply the rest.”


fitness area


co-working space


birthday party planning


grocery and dry cleaning pick up

wait, but Why?



 Why did you create this resource?

I have family members who work in the childcare / children’s education sector, it is not an easy life for them. My heart broke when I saw that a teacher who was paid a tiny wage, took a fatal bullet for his students in the Parkland shooting and I was enraged when I saw the condition of the schools and teacher’s salaries in the Colorado grade-school protests. How is it that there are more than 40 versions of software all offering social media posting services, yet no one in the tech space is concerned with creating a wage solution for some of the most important members of our society? Yes, high school was a while ago, but not so long ago that I’ve forgotten how each teacher impacted my life… so I hopped on the phone with a few team members from The Million Dollar Pineapple and we decided to do something about it. Thus, I present to you an ever-growing resource filled with countless ways to help daycares and other educational establishments make more money while simultaneously boosting their local economy.

Why is it only $4?

It is my latest side project, the $4 really just goes to covering the costs of server space and the maintaining website.

… and WHO are you again?



My name is Adi, I have been helping SMBs across 5 continents to grow from $0 to more than $100 MILLION USD in annual revenue, for the past 8 years.  I can’t take all of the credit for my success with helping businesses grow.  I was raised by a serial entrepreneur father and a marketing maven mother, both of them ran their own companies for as long as I can remember.  Naturally because of this, our topics of conversation at the family dinner table included: proposals, board meetings, commercial building approvals, company relocations, mergers and acquisitions.  By the time I hit college, I knew everything I needed to, in order to help a fashion designer launch her new brand.  This is exactly what I did (nights and weekends) starting my junior year of college.  Fast forward to 2014 when I was awarded one of four fellowships in the Venture Network at IE Business School. Upon graduation I transitioned from working with one startup at a time, to 8 having realized the massive amount of benefits presented when being able to use each company’s products and services to help the others grow.  Since then, I’ve pulled in a few professionals to supplement for my weaknesses and opened up a startup called The Million Dollar Pineapple.  While this company’s offerings may be a little robust for a small daycare, I wanted to use my knowledge and experience to help one of the keystone businesses of our society to grow.  You teach our children to be super cute and somewhat functional members of society, it’s time you got a little help in return 😉





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What’s included:

A constantly growing list of more than 40 new services and products you can easily sell to the family members of your daycare community to effortlessly make more money now.


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